Neurology and Physiotherapy Outpatient Clinic Skopalíkova
Skopalíkova 6
Brno – Židenice
615 00 Brno, Czech Republic

Email: neuro.km@gmail.com
Telephone number: 00 420 730 415 109


The Studies – The Clinical Trials

We perform clinical assessment (clinical trials) mainly in the field of Neurology and also in the field Physiotherapy. Our center started with the studies in 2016, but in the past our physicians have had extensive experience with clinical trials from the year 2005, mainly at St. Anne´s University Hospital.

This center specializes in studies and has a stable medical team. We offer high quality, reliable and very fast cooperation. So far, we have participated in more than 15 multicentre international studies, mainly phase III (but also II and IV), always with a very high recruitment of patients (see Clinical Trials – History page).

The center is equipped with an examination room, a waiting room, other rooms for equipment and archives. We have the required study equipment such as a centrifuge, freezer, refrigerator, blood collection equipment, instruments for measuring body functions, spirometer, ECG (electrocardiograph), EMG (electromyograph), goniometer. We also have equipment for medical first aid, including AED.

Patients are invited to the center individually, they do not meet other patients and thus the necessary epidemiological regime is ensured. Patient recruitment is provided from our own wide patient database (approx. 30,000 patients). We also have a number of contacts with other outpatient specialists and general practitioners for these purposes.

Our permanent medical team consists of 3 neurologists and a physiotherapist. Our team consists of principal investigator, coordinator and subinvestigators. We speak fluent English, we participate in investigation meetings in person or online, according to the sponsor’s requirements.

If you are interested, please contact us, preferably by email: neuro.km@gmail.com

We will appreciate it very much.

Eduard Minks, MD, PhD
Kubelka Tomáš, MD
Alexandra Minksová, MD
Radka Kubelková, Mgr


Location of study center


Botulinum Toxin

We offer botulinum toxin for the treatment of migraines and wrinkles. This therapy is not covered by public health insurance which means that the patient is required to pay for it. Please refer to the description of the botulinum toxin application method and conditions by clicking on the heading Botulinum Toxin. If you are interested, please contact us, preferably by email: neuro.km@gmail.com Or call – Eduard Minks, MD, PhD – 730 415 109. We apply the botulinum toxin at the Židlochovice surgery:
Neurologie, Poliklinika, náměstí Míru 149, 66701 Židlochovice. Website: neurologiezidlochovice.cz