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615 00 Brno, Czech republic



Mgr. Kubelková 777 888 631


MUDr. Kubelka 777 888 631

MUDr. Minks 730 413 603

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Our Services



We can offer brand new and very promising drugs for neurological patients in the Czech Republic that are not available anywhere else. This service is completely free for the patient. Please see more information by clicking on the headline “Studies”. We will be happy if you contact us.



We provide physiotherapy under the guidance of experienced and fully erudite physiotherapist. We guarantee treatment within 5 days. The service is paid. Please see our offer by clicking on the headline “Physiotherapy”. Please call – Mgr. Kubelková phone: 777 888 631



We offer a complex neurological examination carried out by a certified and highly experienced neurologist. We guarantee examination within 7 days. The service is paid. Please see our options by clicking on the headline “Neurology”. Please call – MUDr. Kubelka phone: 777 888 631


Botulinum toxin

We offer botulinum toxin for the treatment of migraine and wrinkles. The service is paid. Please refer to the description of the botulinum toxin application method and conditions by clicking on the headline “Botulinum toxin”. Please call – MUDr. Minks phone on Tuesday and Friday: 730 413 603 


Another special offer – Neurology Židlochovice

If you prefer neurological examinations, therapy and monitoring paid by your Czech insurance company (the service is free for you), then please visit this website: neurologiezidlochovice.cz. Please be aware that the website is written only in the Czech language. We will be glad if you visit us in the small picturesque town of Židlochovice, 16 km to the south of Brno.


We apply botulinum toxin in therapy of migraine and wrinkles. Physiotherapy has already started.  

We perform clinical assessment (clinical trials) in the field of neurology. 



busTram No. 2, 3
Trolley-bus No. 25, 26, 27
Bus No. 44, 55, 58, 64, 74, 75, 78, 84

The timetable for public transport can be found on the Brno Public Transport website. The best way is to arrive at the Stará osada stop, which is a traffic junction, and then to walk down Kosmákova street, approximately 5 minutes, to us.



pWe don´t have a reserved parking place but you can usually park close to our office.